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Home-Office Teams

Craft new moments of serendipity, improve your team spirit and foster communication

1. Design Your Office

Join your new place using just your web browser. Place your own desks, chairs and walls so it feels like it's yours :)

2. Hang out & Collaborate

Move around using arrow keys. You only hear and see people around you.

Start your day with a quick Hi to everyone in the office. Unlike Zoom you keep it open for the full day.

→ Join a conversation just by walking around, like in the real office
→ Lower friction, increased communication
→ Get back serendipity, have random chats at the coffee machine

3. Have Meetings

Meet inside your virtual meeting room. Invite guests into your office in seconds.

→ Invite guests via a link
→ No download needed, a web browser is enough

Built to empower every team

Hybrid Teams

Your remote people finally get their own desk in the office

Connect people across different physicial office locations

→ for hybrid teams

Full Remote Teams

Feel like a team again

Get a new global office, located in the internet.

→ for full remote teams

Agile Coaches & Innovation Workshops

Bring the in-person experience online, whether you're running a brainstorm, doing a retrospective or facilitating a workshop

→ for digital workshops

Spontaneous Conversations

In you only hear and see people around your bubble. Quickly join and leave conversations by moving around the hallway

Be Present

Start your day with a quick Hi to everyone in the office. Unlike Zoom you keep open for the full day.

Your presence accelerates communcation and improves trust across all your team mates. is made in Germany
– we take privacy and security seriously.

End-to-end Encryption

Video and audio streams are end-to-end encrypted and protected by AES-128.

Top-notch Privacy

For enhanced privacy all our servers are physically located in germany.

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