Give workshops that in-person energy

Engaged guests inspire creativity and build energy - making the workshop a success!

Bring the in-person experience online with, whether you're running a brainstorm, doing a retrospective or facilitating a workshop

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Avoid Boring Workshops

Keep Moving! When taking part in workshops on, users need to use the arrow keys to walk around the floor space to get to the next station of the workshop. This makes your workshop feel like a video game and helps your guests to be more engaged.

Engaged Guests Make a Successful workshop

Better Team Work

Design a virtual space that inspires you to think new ideas.

When working with more people, you can use audio zones to split into smaller groups. And later get back together to exchange your results.

Works on all devices

You can run on all devices, it just needs a modern web browser.

When opening virtual office for the first time, you're greeted by a camera and microphone setup. This removes a lot of confusion on how to enable the camera and microphone on the first start, especially for guests. With the camera and microphone preview you can also quickly figure out what's the right device you need to pick.

→ All modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE11
→ Also supports: iPad, iPhone, and most android devices

Familiar Tools

Sticky Notes

A familiar way to share ideas and contribute to the workshop.


Stay on your schedule or use the timer to box activies.

Give workshops that in-person energy

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