Your virtual workspace with that in-person energy is the new virtual office space for your team to hang out in. Bring back the in-person energy, the joy of quick chats in the hallway and feel connected with everyone in your team.

Start your day with a quick Hi to everyone in the virtual office. Walk around to join conversations. You only hear people near you.

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Improve Team Culture & Communication

Typically hybrid companies using make a digital copy of their phyiscal office space. In the digital office your distributed co-workers finally get their own desk.

This way distributed co-workers feel equally included and present.

Private Mode

Switch to private mode when doing feedback meetings, salary negotiations or talking about other sensitive affairs in your new office. As long as you are in private mode only people inside your meeting can hear and see you. Only when you turn private mode off, everyone can talk to you again.

After clicking the Private Mode button, the new lock symbol next to your user shows that your connection is private.

Team Chat

Open the chat window by clicking a person's name inside the left sidebar.

→ Use the file attachment button to share files in a private way
→ Browser Push Notifications supported
→ You'll receive an email when you're offline


Click the screensharing button to share your screen with everyone near you. Your shared screen is visible inside the floor. You can move it around using drag and drop. Resize it by dragging at the right lower corner.

→ Screensharing
→ File Uploads & Pictures
→ Sticky Notes
→ Custom iFrame Embeds
→ Sketchpads
→ YouTube: Watch videos together

Craft new moments of serendipity, improve your team spirit and foster communication

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