Change Log

Every friday we share the latest new features and improvements to

Workshop & Retrospective Items

If you're doing workshops and retrospectives in you will like our new additions to the catalog. We added ready-to-use graphics and arrows to kickstart your workshops in VO. See for yourself: Enterprise: SAML + Compliance

If you're a big company, you can now use the enterpise admin area to manage users, permissions, floors and advanced enterpise features supporting your compliance requirements. Enterprise accounts also support Single-sign-on via SAML, e.g. via Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Let us know if you're interested in the enterprise features.

Join without Camera

You can now join a virtualoffice without needing to enable the camera. Click the camera and microphone icon on the initial setup screen to disable them.

Time limit for Guests

When inviting guests you can specify a time limit. After the time limit is reached the guest user is automatically disabled.

Change Sticky Note Font size

This has been requested by a lot of people so we're happy it's finally live :) You can now change the font size of sticky notes by clicking the font size in the navigation.

Improved Minimap Size

The minimap is larger now, we removed the empty space.

Talk to everyone on the floor

Using a microphone you can now talk to everyone in the floor. This can be used in events to talk with everyone, or if you're doing a workshop and split into groups to call everyone back to the main meeting room.

The microphone can be found inside the new Events section of the catalog:

Fixes and improvements

  • The current user is now also displayed in the user list in the navigation, the previous behavior was confusing
  • Added G2 reviews to our startpage
  • Fixed layout of user settings
  • Fixed floor furnishings sometimes not loading
  • We've redone the video on the startpage, the old video was quite outdated in terms of features & UI
  • Fixed an issue on signup when the checkbox to allow signups from the company domain was checked off
  • Fixed minimap crashing if there's an issue loading furnishing images
  • Private mode has been disabled for guests, we've learned that guests usually accidentally enable this. Normal users can still move a conversation with a guest into private mode.
  • Fixed a bug where screensharings weren't visible 2 minutes after they've been started when a new user joined
  • Fixed tooltip in company switcher at the left was blocking the clickable area
  • Fixed timer accidentally removed if the delete key is pressed
  • Fixed screensharings not getting resized after the window size has changed
  • Fixed clickable area of the Change status button not large enough
  • Improved performance when placing items on the floor
  • Added a confirmation email when an invite was accepted
  • Fixed user always getting asked to configure audio / video
  • Fixed green camera use light bubble on mac always active when initially joining virtual office
  • Fixed user loading spinner accidentally showing up
  • Removed horizontal scrollbar in companyswitcher
  • Improved notes on company domains in the Invite people menu
  • Fixed floor files accidentally downloaded when drag & dropping them around
  • Fixed issues in firefox with switching microphones
  • Fixed error caused by clicking contine button in av config multiple times
  • Fixed audio zone delete button not workingy

Drag and drop Pictures & Files

You can now drag and drop files from your computer directly into your

This also works with pictures:

Company Email Domains

When setting up a new account, you can now mark a whole email domain to belong to your company. This means that e.g. anyone with a email address will automatically join our company account when they sign up.

This has been activated for existing accounts as well.

You can see the email domain configuration inside your company settings:

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed company edit screen not having any padding to it's layout
  • Fixed error when deleting team clock's
  • You can now join virtual office even when you have no camera connected to your computer
  • Fixed sometimes the shown cam / mic in the config screen was not actually selected as input device
  • Sticky notes are smaller by default. We also reworked the sticky note color picker
  • You now join at the office's entry point (at the welcome mat) when you haven't been in the office for a while
  • Added loading spinner when user is selecting mic and cam
  • Minimap now shows more items
  • The login now also works if you write your email address with a different capizalization (e.g. and will both work)
  • Added warning for users that have an outdated browser

🛠️ Video & Audio Quality

This week we've reengineered how video and audio signals are streamed between users. This required a major rewrite of some of the core parts of virtual office. The result is that the root cause of many of the video and audio problems that occured have been solved, and we can now have a lot more people inside a virtual office at the same time.

Previously we've been using a peer-to-peer streaming approach. This means that your browser directly sends your webcam and microphone signals to the other browers you're connected to in virtual office. This leads to performance problems in meetings with more than 10 users.

With the new approach all video and audio signals are streamed through a central video streaming service. This significantly reduces the performance of virtual office, even in small meetings.

What does this mean?

  • Better audio & video quality
  • Much more stable connections
  • More reliability when connecting with other users
  • Higher resolution when doing screensharings
  • Meet with 100+ people in your office and things will work fine

This reengineering of core parts of the platform require lots of changes across all existing features, therefore this week no new functionality has been added.

Fixes and improvements

  • The active subscription can be viewed when opening the company navigation at the top left
  • Fixed google sign in when the google user has no picture
  • Fixed that a user could not be deleted from the company settings when the user has added things to the floor
  • Fixed that a user could not be deleted from the company settings when the user had a guest account in a different company
  • Fixed rare cases of dead screensharings still hanging around
  • Fixed resizing iframes and sticky notes didn't work as expected when zoomed out
  • Everyone now moves at the same speed, previously if you had a faster computer you'd sometimes move faster on the floor
  • Fixed a redirect loop when using a guest account that reached the free user limit

🕒 Team Clock

When your team consist of people from multiple time zones, you can now add a team clock to your office to always see what's the time for everyone.

To set up the team clock, open the company dropdown at the top left and click on Set up Team Clock.

There you can manage the different time zones:

Raise Hand

This has been requested quite some time. You can now raise your hand by pressing the space bar. Pressing the space bar key will show a blue circle around your user. This way everyone knows you want to say something next.

😎 New Website

We've updated the Website to better show all the features and use cases. Take a look at!

New Referral Program

If someone sign ups to using your referral link, you both get a free month on the Business plan once the new user has been actively used for 14 days.

You can find your referral link by clicking the user navgiation at the top left and then clicking on Referrals:

🛠️ Improved Audio / Video Setup Latency

The way how audio and video streams are handles has been moved from the client to the server to improve performance. This results in faster latency when connecting with another user and also makes the app feel smoother.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed company-specific have been visible in the catalog for other companies
  • Fixed onboarding invite people suggestion was still shown even after someone has been invited already
  • Fixed screensharing was not streamed if the user standing inside it and the screensharing was very large on the floor
  • We changed the start office design people start with when they just signed up
  • We also updated the demo showroom office
  • Fixed that a company admin user could delete itself in the company settings
  • When a user denies video or audio permission during onboarding, there's now a gif - actually one gif for each major browser - explaining how to grant permission again. This fixes that users sometimes got stuck there.

You likely have seen it already, we got a new domain :) The new is a bit more rememberable than before.

Soon you'll also be able to get a short address to join your company:

Also don't worry about existing guest invite links: All old links redirect to the new adddress.


We're excited to share our new pricing for virtual office. By switching to one of our paid subscriptions you allow us to make virtual office even better and support our goals of crafting new moments of serendipity, improving the team spirit and fostering communication.

If you're more than 6 users you can now get the Virtual Office Startup Plan starting at 8 $. For grown-up companies with specific user permission management requirements and special features like the private mode we offer the Business plan. Payments are securely processed with stripe. If you're from europe we also support payments in €. Compared to your physical office pricing, it's a steal ;-)

If you're happy using virtual office you can switch your plan using the Explore Plans button at the bottom left of the screen. Of course you can also continue using virtual office for free.

Catalog Updates

The items catalog has grown a lot over the last weeks. Therefore we redesigned so that you can quickly find the right thing in there. The new sub categories help you to quickly find what you're looking for.

🛠️ Improved Performance

This week we've had another record of time spent in virtual office as well as active users.

To keep up with the growth we moved the app to a bigger server. Since the server migration on thursday everything has been running smooth. Especially with many users online at the same time we don't have any problems anymore.

Fixes and improvements

  • When changing the status message, the text field now shows your current status text instead of an empty text field
  • Only show floor name next to a user in the sidebar if the user is online
  • Fixed a text overflow in the sidebar navigation that happend to users with long names
  • The last used sticky note color is remembered now, so when you make a new sticky note it will use the color you picked last time
  • Fixed jump to user function not syncing the position after it jumped to the other user
  • Fixed UI inconsistencies in the company navigation
  • Fixed a bug that a user had multiple positions inside a floor which caused connection troubles to affected users
  • Fixed devices without a camera are not able to join a virtual office
  • Fixed device with no camera and also no microphone not able to proceed on audio video setup
  • Audio Zone now have a visible delete button. Previously you had to press the delete key on the keyboard.
  • Fixed audio zones not working sometimes
  • Fixed a second jump to user bug that appeared on windows devices only in very sporadic cases

New Camera & Microphone Setup

When opening virtual office for the first time, you're now greeted by a new camera and microphone setup. This removes a lot of confusion on how to enable the camera and microphone on the first start, especially for guests.

With the camera and microphone preview you can also now quickly figure out what's the right device you need to pick.

Mobile Improvements

When you're using an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device to join a virtual office you can now move around by touching your user icon and drag and drop it across the floor.

Improved UI

We simplified the navigation toolbar by moving the more complex tools behind a expand button. We added colors to the youtube and spotify buttons to make them easier to spot between the other options.

The camera and microphone optiosn have been updated to also use the new UI styling:

Improved Connection Management

The video connection process has been completly rewritten, most of the work is now done by the virtual office server instead of your browser. This leads to visible performance and reliability improvements when having conversations with multiple people.

The most visible change is that the user audio zones now use a real circle to detect if someone is near you.

Chat Improvements

Chat & Jump to person have changed places. When you click a user on the chat it now opens the chat instead of jumping to the user on the map. To jump to a user, you now need to click the icon at the right.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed clients sending too many position updates
  • Fixed server getting unresponsive when too many users are online at the same time, caused by too much locking in multithreaded code
  • Improved performance with many users by shipping a more optimized binary to production
  • Fixed random 502 server crashes that happend during the week
  • Fixed connection stays open after closing a screensharing
  • Fixed guests not shown in sidebar until a page reload if they are in a different floor
  • Fixed server error when accessing email settings without being logged in. It now correctly redirects to the login page
  • Show error message if user tries to reset password for a guest user
  • Fixed new wall not synced across clients
  • Fixed a random youtube player error
  • Improved error handling of conversation lock if user is not known to the client
  • Improved latency when starting a floor
  • Improved floor rendering by using GPU when possible
  • Fixed issue with starting the app when a certain request was too slow
  • Fixed server error when a invite link was clicked after it has been used
  • Added an error message when an invalid spotify URL is passed to the spotify integration
  • Fixed walls not shown on minimap in some cases
  • Fixed minimap sometimes showing duplicate users
  • Added support for using a touch pen on the sketchpad
  • Sketchpad now works better when multiple people are drawing on it at the same time
  • All floor textures are now loaded from our CDN for improved load times
  • Fixed that we've reached our database connection limits at peak times. We now have a bigger database.

Audio Zones

This has been requested a lot, so we're happy to finally add audio zones to virtual office. Inside an audio zone everyone who is also inside the audio zone can hear you, no matter how far away they are.

Place audio zones around your meeting rooms to make sure everyone can hear and see you even when they're sitting outside your normal radius. This also makes sure that no one outside the meeting room can accidentally hear you just because they're too close.

Create an audio zone by opening Add & Move Furnishings and then drag and drop it from the Layout tab:

Private Mode

Switch to private mode when doing feedback meetings, salary negotiations or talking about other sensitive affairs in your new office. As long as you are in private mode only people inside your meeting can hear and see you. Only when you turn private mode off, everyone can talk to you again.

After clicking the Private Mode button, the new lock symbol next to your user shows that your connection is private:

You can now also see all the people that you're connected with below the private mode button. This gives you transparency to who can listen to you, even when not in private mode.


You can now set your status to an emoji using the new emoji picker.

Office Templates

When creating a new floor, you can now start out with one of our professionally designed offices.

Invite Improvements

Guests can now be invited via email. Previously you could only invite them by sending a link.

You can also specify a custom message added to the invite email now.

When your company account is connected to your Google GSuite / Google Workspace account, it will also display a helpful note that anyone with a company email address can sign in without a manual invite.

Missed Message Notifications

When you receive a chat message while being offline, we'll now send you an email notification.

Sketchpad Colors & Eraser

Sketchpads aren't black and white anymore. You can now also erase your previous drawings.

Zoom to User

For having nicer 1:1's use the Zoom to user button to see someone else more face-to-face.

Fixes and improvements

  • New users have a status after sign up to raise awareness about the status feature
  • Fixed uploaded attachments cannot be downloaded after 7 days
  • We made resizing a sticky note much easier
  • When changing your profile picture, it will now be displayed everywhere correctly. Previously sometimes you still saw your old picture because of cache invalidation issues.
  • Fixed ghost screensharings. Now screensharings are correctly cleaned up after closing them.
  • Fixed an issue with sketchpads where the lines was off by 50 pixels. This issue was only happening when zoomed in or out
  • When using the keyboard to move while the scroll position is far away, we will now automatically focus your user again before moving
  • Fixed timer cannot be deleted until it's started (as the delete button wasn't reachable)
  • Fixed user positions not synced correctly across all clients when the arrow keys have been pressed for less than 100ms
  • Fixed that guests could invite normal users
  • Floors can be deleted now in the company settings
  • Recompressed the floor textures to improve floor performance
  • Fixed contact sales toast interfering with collaboration bar on small screens


For efficient meeting and agile workflows you can set timers now. To add a timer, click the Timer button in the toolbar at the bottom.

Share PDFs and other Files even quicker

File sharing got a little bit easier with this update. With the latest version you can now upload files directly into the floor.

Sometimes you want to share e.g. a PDF with everyone in the room. Previously you had to switch back to slack or manually send the file to everyone in the virtual office private message chat. Now you can click the Upload file button in the toolbar and everyone in the room can download it.

Change Speaker Device

Inside the microphone settings you can now set the speaker we'll use for audio output.

New Office Template

A new mid-size office template with a lot of green space has been added.

If you're interested in getting your own professional designed virtual office space, consult your virtual office contact person.

Fixes and improvements

  • The size of floors can be changed now. Previously every floor was 10.000 x 10.000
  • Added welcome email for new users
  • Fixed google login not working when last name not provided by google
  • Fixed company switcher not working when switching from a guest user to another guest user without going back to the main user
  • Redesigned notification emails
  • Fixed an issue with audio context in safari
  • Screensharings are removed after 60 seconds automatically if the connection to the sharing user is lost
  • Fixed tooltips sometimes not disappearing
  • Microphone and Camera can now be changed without a page reload
  • Added contact sales button
  • All the new objects added to the catalog have slowed down the app on first start. Therefore the catalog is loaded now after the first page load.
  • When a user is shown as online in the sidebar, but in a different floor than you, the other floor name will be shown, so you know where to find that person

Improved Company Switcher

To make it easier to switch between different virtual offices, the office switcher is now always visible in the left sidebar. Basically like you know it from slack or discord.

Improved Furnishings Workflow

We redesigned how you add and move furnishings inside the office. It's now a lot smoother and you can build your office in half the time it took previously thanks to the improved rotation picker.


Quickly share your ideas by drawing on the sketchpad :)

Create a sketchpad using the new button in the collaboration bar:

Share Files

You can now quickly send files to someone using the chat.

Minimap with User Icons

The minimap now shows the icon of your team mates, so you can easily figure out where everyone is.

New Feedback Button

You can quickly sent us feedback from the new feedback button in the sidebar.

Mute Someone

When someone has a noisy background you can now just mute him :)

YouTube Sync

When you start a youtube video inside Virtual Office, it will now be automatically be started for everyone else inside your meeting room too.

New Outdoor Furnishings

Your office can now have a outdoor area


Yes, finally flipcharts for your office 📈

Lot's of decoration elements

With the new catalog you can build some pretty decent virtual offices spaces. Like this one on a island. It's based on a real-world office plan:

Fixes and improvements

  • Significant performance improvements, so you can keep virtual office always running in the background
  • Small animations have been added to many common interactions to make everything smoother
  • Audio & videos controls are now at the top, collaboration tools at the bottom
  • Fixed notification emails sent too often
  • Fixed an issue where a video connection was not set up in an edge case
  • Fixed screensharing size too large when starting the screensharing
  • Fixed onboarding not called when clicking the confirmation link twice
  • Guests can now sign up to their own virtual office with a single click after the end of their guest visit
  • Added a showroom to the landing page
  • Sticky Notes can be dragged again by dragging the sticky note itself instead of just the header bar
  • The chat icon in the sidebar is now always visible to make everyone more aware that we have the chat
  • Fixed iframe integration not detecting certain iframe code snippets
  • Cleaned up the floor item catalog
  • Added a loading spinner when the app has lost connection to the server
  • Improved behavior of the app when a new server version is deployed. Specifically screensharings are still running even after the virtual office server is restarted
  • Fixed zooming in and out not working until the user moved around when starting the app
  • Fixed list of cameras and microphones not shown when joining the first time

Upload Marketing Materials, Screenshots, Art pieces, Memes

With the new "Create Picture" button you can share marketing materials, show your co-worker a quick screenshot from a bug or start a wall of memes.

Of course can also use this to place your favorite art in the office. 🖼️

Sticky Notes: New Colors + Custom Size

You can use different colors to e.g. easier group sticky notes when doing a retro or when sorting ideas.

Like all the other objects in your new office you can also resize them now.

Spotify Integration

We shipped the first version of our spotify integration. Next friday give it a try and play some cool playlists in the office before the weekend starts.

YouTube Integration

Based on last weeks feedback, it's now a lot easier to watch youtube videos together in the office.

New Hardware

New computers, screens and even VR glasses have been added 🖥️

New Beanbags + Chairs

The beanbag has been one of the most requested items. Finally it's here, together with a set of new chairs :)

New Kitchen Equipment

Have virtual lunch in your virtual office kitchen 🍱

Performance Improvements

Virtual office is a tool many of us use everyday. We've worked a lot this week to improve general performance. Especially on macbook you should see improved video performance due to a different video encoding that supports hardware acceleration on apple devices.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added welcome email after first day in the new virtual office
  • You'll not see ghost users (users online in a different floor) anymore ;)
  • Fixed small issues in Safari
  • You cannot leave the world boundaries anymore
  • Added "Forgot password" functionality to login screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts now work on windows and linux as well
  • Zoom is more smooth now
  • Fixed issue where a face was appearing where the screensharing should appear (was very funny when it happend)
  • If you open virtual office in multiple browsers or tabs, the old tabs will be disconnected
  • During the week deployed a change to focus the camera fully on your face. We didn't like that one and so this feature has been removed already
  • The different invite guests and invite teams dialog have been replaced with a single unified invite dialog. This makes it easier to invite team members and guests quickly.
  • Fixed missing logo in confirmation mail
  • We now send email notifications when someone joins the office at the beginning of the day
  • UI elements are more aligned now

Embed Google Docs, YouTube, Miro and more using iFrames

We added support for adding embeds to Virtual Office. Use the button next to the sticky note button at the top right, enter an URL and your embed will be visible.

Embed Google Docs

You can use this to e.g. embed a meeting agenda from google drive. Inside a google document click FilePublish to the webEmbed. Copy the embed code from there and enter it into virtual office when clicking "Add iFrame" in virtual office.

Make sure to only grant permissions to people from your organisation.

Embed YouTube

It's friday, so you might as well start playing some music in your virtual office :)

Search a video on YouTube, click on Share:

Copy the embed code:

Switch back to Virtual Office and click Create iFrame:

Now paste in the YouTube embed code:

And it's ready :)

Status messages

Set a custom status message to let people know what you're up to.

You can set or change your status by clicking on your user icon and then selecting Change Status:

New Onboarding

The onboarding has been reworked to make it easier to get started with virtual office.

Office Switcher

It's now a lot easier to visit someone elses virtual office :)

Previously you had to log out of your main user to log into another office as a guest. Now you can stay logged into your main account to follow the invite link to the other office. After you've been invited there once, you can use the top left navigation to quickly visit someone elses office again.

New Plants

We added many new plants to decorate your office 🌱

New Shelves

You can also place shelves into your office now 📚

Fixes and improvements

  • Microphones are now correctly named on windows
  • Added link to Support into the user navigation
  • Fixed a bug where the floor position of a user was not correct
  • Fixed changes to floor object rotation not synced across other users
  • General performance improvements
  • You can now change your password in the profile settings
  • Sticky notes now have a visual delete button (previously only pressing the delete key on the keyboard worked)
  • Fixed text wrapping in the chat
  • Fixed muted symbol not displayed for users that joined after you muted yourself
  • Fixed sticky notes issues on firefox

Audio & Video Reliability Improvements

This week we have made some major progress on making audio and video more stable in virtual office. The connection setup code has been completly rewritten, so that the video and audio connection now always connects without you needing to refresh the page.

If you have cases where this is not working, let us know

Mini map

We finally added one of the most requested features :) With the mini map you can quickly navigate and find anyone in the office.

Sticky notes

Next to the screensharing button you can now find a button to add sticky notes. You can write text on them and drag and drop them around your office.

Leave Button for Guests

We added a new leave-office button for guests to avoid confusion on how to leave a virtual office meeting.

After leaving the meeting, a guest can rate the quality of the audio and video. This way we can keep an eye on audio and video quality issues.

New Floor Textures

Not every office needs a wodden floor, you can now pick many more different floors.

New Startpage

We added a new nice-looking start page. If you want to see it, you need to log out of the tool (otherwise you'll get redirect back right into your office).

Speak Indicator

You can now see how's currently talking by the highlighted circle around the person speaking.

New Rugs

You can now add rugs to your office.


You can now quickly jump to a person inside your virtual office by clicking on the name in the sidebar.

Fixes and improvements

  • Start point for guests is now randomized a little bit for each user, so when multiple users join at the same position on the floor, they can see each other. Previously they overlaped.
  • The delete button for walls now uses the same delete icon used everywhere else
  • Fixed sidebar navigation sometimes get's broken
  • Fixed google login for non-gsuite accounts
  • Fixed issues with firefox
  • Fixed issues with safari
  • Improved scroll behavior of navigation in the furnishing mode
  • Added a hint to use the arrow keys when the user is not moving on first login
  • We did a cool marketing video
  • Added a way to rename floors inside the company settings
  • Clicking a chat notification now opens the chat window
  • Audio and video permissions are not requested by default for new users and guests anymore


One of the most requested features the last weeks has been a chat. We've finally added it 🎉 You can open the chat window by clicking a person's name inside the left sidebar.

Improved Catalog

The furnishings catalog is growing :) To be able to quickly find what you are looking for we added sub-sections for tables, chairs, plants, ...

Here's what's new in the catalog:

  • Many new tables
  • Even a kicker table
  • Many new chairs
  • A new welcome mat (guests will start at the welcome mat when they join your office)
  • Sofas
  • Coffe machines and Coffee
  • Coffee

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed screensharing sometimes replaced with user facing video
  • In the company settings you can set a default floor now
  • Added Google Login
  • Added red floor background
  • Fixed screensharing movement when zoomed in
  • Fixed zoom issues when placing walls
  • Guests can now login even when the guest email has already been used
  • Added TURN servers to improve reliability of video streams
  • Improved camera and microphone picker
  • Added button to stop screensharing
  • Fixed a bug where the connection setup failed